• sawyer.jpgJames Ford (sawyer)
  • Parents died when he was very young
  • He turned into a con man and took the name Sawyer for the guy who conned his family
  • On the island he conned them to get the guns
  • Was shot on the raft trying to save Walt
  • Kate nursed him back to health
  • Was captured by the others
  • Escaped with Kate
  • Shot Mr.Friendly
  • Sawyer is played by Josh Holloway

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  1. I hope he makes it off the island him and Kate should end up together and raise the baby weather it is theirs or not. They are perfect.

  2. I love lost too! that’s my favorite tv show !
    can i take this image to my blog?

  3. The picture is not from me. If you want to use the image, you will need to follow the original link and then quote your source.
    I am glad you like LOST too.

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